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JCC Rochester Jewish Book Festival
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Hillel: If Not Now, When?
Tuesday, October 26; 7:30PM; JCC Hart Theatre; no charge, tickets REQUIRED
"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world."
This is the most famous teaching of Hillel, one of the greatest rabbis of the Talmudic era. What makes it so extraordinary is that it was offered to a gentile seeking to convert. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin sees great relevance in this Talmudic story today, given how frequently religiosity is equated with ritual observance alone, how little most Jews worry about the future corps of Jewish teachers and how many Jews intermarry (more than 40%). Hillel's ancient openmindedness, Rabbi Telushkin believes, is just what today's Judaism needs. An acclaimed spiritual leader, scholar and author, Telushkin has written nine other nonfiction books, including The Book of Jewish Values, The Golden Land: The Story of Jewish Immigration to America, and Jewish Literacy, the most widely read book on Judaism of the past two decades.

Generously underwritten by Hillel of Rochester Area Colleges. Thanks to the generosity of Hillel, there is no charge to attend the event.

JCC Rochester Jewish Book Festival