FOR SALE: 1932 Packard Light Eight

$39,500 (Make an Offer!)
Due to health issues my father is selling his prized car. This is the only year this car was made! This car was a dealer demonstrator and sold new at the Packard dealership in Rochester, NY to the original owner. My father bought it from him in 1963. I remember the day he got it, as the old gent wanted to make sure my dad was not going to turn it into a "hot rod" and spent a few hours showing how everything worked and how to maintain this wonderful car. I can remember my three brothers and I in the back seat driving around town the first few years of ownership. In about 1968 the radiator went out on it, and my father removed it and had it recored, but never put it back in. He was too busy raising four boys and life in general.
The car was placed in storage, until 1983 when I got the crazy idea to get it out and have it as my wedding car! Dad said sure, as it just sits in the barn taking up space. So out of storage it came and the first thing we did was see if we could get it to run. When it was put away the plugs were pulled and oil squirted down into each cylinder. The motor was turned over by hand every once in awhile, so that helped out tremoudously. Since it seem to run fine, it just needed some new paint and the chrome redone. We had about three months until the wedding, I started to strip the paint getting it ready for its new colors. There was very little rust, as the last paint job was by brush! Dad picked out the colors and the respray was done. The sign on the back of the car on our wedding day could have read "WET PAINT" in stead of "JUST MARRIED" as it was that close!
My father drove the car during the summers for the next eight years until the motor had a valve stick and was on its last leg. At this time my father contacted WINROSS, a restoration shop that specialized in Packards, about getting the motor rebuilt. They gave an estimate and got started in 1992. They had the car for a few years. In this time, they completely rebuilt the entire chassis from the ground up. Everything was rebuilt. The motor, transmission, rear end, steering, brakes, shocks, new leaf springs, frame stripped and blasted. Then all painted and put back together. The body was then put back onto the chassis. This car is not going to win at Pebble Beach, as the paint would need to be redone, and the interior is all original other than the carpet, which was replaced when the chassis was done. It is in good shape, but again not up to Concours condition. The car is very reliable and can be driven anywhere. We have many photos of the restoration and the work that went into this car and invite you to inspect this fine piece of automobile history for yourself.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about it.
(serious inquires only)
Karl Kittelberger